Meet The Team

Head Coach: Gary

From: UK
Countries Surfed:
Indonesia, Costa Rica, Panama, El Salvador, Nicaragua, France, California, Spain, Portugal, Fuerteventura, Tenerife
Favourite Surfer: Mick Fanning 
Favourite Wave: Woolacombe of course (Or maybe Air Guling, Lombok)
Favourite Surfboard: Al Merrick 5'11"


From: UK
Countries Surfed:
UK, Wales, Tenerife, Lanzarote, Fuerteventura, Morocco, Sri-Lanka, Bali, Java, Lom Bok, Costa Rica, Barbados, Hawaii
Favourite Surfer: Gerry Lopez
Favourite Wave: Saunton
Favourite Surfboard: SkinDog Longboard


From: Bristol
Countries surfed:
Sri Lanka, Australia, Morocco
Favourite Surfer: Pauline Menczer
Favourite Wave: Hikkaduwa or Woolacombe
Favourite surfboard: 6’3” Single Fin


From: Devon, UK
Countries Surfed:
UK, Portugal 
Favourite Surfer: JJ Florence
Favourite Wave: Combesgate
Favourite Surfboard: 6' Whipper


From: London
Countries surfed:
India, Indonesia, Thailand, Chile, Peru, Mexico, USA, Morocco, France, Costa Rica, Canada
Favourite Surfer: Big Z
Favourite Wave: Imsouane, Morocco
Favourite surfboard: Bluff 9’8”


From: Devon, UK
Countries Surfed:
Favourite Surfer: Kelis Kaleopa
Favourite Wave: Combesgate
Favourite Surfboard: 
7'6" McTavish Carver


From: Ilfracombe
Countries Surfed:
Spain, Morocco, France, USA, Wales
Favourite Surfer: Clay Marzo 
Favourite Wave: Lynmouth
Favourite Surfboard: Superbrand Mad Cat 6'0"


From: France
Countries Surfed:
Ireland, France, Spain, Portugal, Maldives, Indonesia, Canaries, Mexico, Panama, Cost Rica, Sri Lanka, Morocco, Cabo Verde
Favourite Surfer:Mick Fanning
Favourite Wave: Los Lobos, Canaries
Favourite Surfboard: 
Form Adopt


From: Devon
Countries Surfed: New Zealand, Canaries, Spain, Portugal
Favourite Surfer: Ozzie Wright
Favourite Wave: Low tide Shellsborough
Favourite Surfboard: CI Mid 6’6”


From: Ilfracombe 
Countries Surfed: Morocco 
Favourite Surfer: Big Z
Favourite Wave: Killer Point, Morocco
Favourite Surfboard: The Pickle 6’10” Thruster or 7ft Swelly Foamie


From: Bath
Countries Surfed: Wales
Favourite Surfer: Rosie 
Favourite Wave: Puts
Favourite Surfboard: 7’6” Midi


From: Ilfracombe
Countries Surfed: Sri Lanka, Portugal, UK
Favourite Surfer: Rob Machado
Favourite Wave: Uluwatu, Bali
Favourite Surfboard: Malaku 6'0"

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Any Questions?
Get In Touch!

Tel: 01271 871 533
Email: [email protected]
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